Picnic's Cakes - Cakes for every occasion!
Flavours and Ingredients
All my cakes are made with real butter (where applicable) and free-range eggs. Most cakes can also be made using organic (excluding icing & decoration) or gluten free ingredients where required.
The most popular cakes are shown below, but you can have any other type of cake you fancy, just email me on picnicscakes@hotmail.co.uk to enquire.
Madagascan vanilla bean - sponge layered with vanilla buttercream & raspberry or strawberry conserve.
Light lemon - lemon drizzled sponge, layered with lemon buttercream & lemon curd.
Chocolate sponge - layered with light chocolate buttercream or Chocolate ganache.
Americano -Simply Coffee cake with coffee buttercream.
Mocha -Chocolate cake with coffee buttercream.
Cappuccino – Coffee cake with vanilla buttercream
Summer Berry - Moist vanilla sponge with a summer berry buttercream filling.
Lemon Limoncello - Lemon flavoured sponge cake covered in a Limoncello liqueur sugar syrup to make it beautifully moist and lemon tasting. The cake is filled with a Limoncello and lemon curd buttercream filling.
White Chocolate Passion Cake - A white chocolate flavoured cake with a layer of Passion fruit jam and white chocolate buttercream.
Cupcake Flavours
All of the sponge flavours can also be used as cupcake flavours too. Picnic's Cakes are well known for having possibly the best cupcakes in Sutton! The most popular cupcakes are listed below, but if you have another type of cupcake in mind then just email me on picnicscakes@hotmail.co.uk
Last Rolo - Chocolate sponge with a hidden Rolo inside, vanilla buttercream drizzled with chocolate, with a Rolo on the top.
Cookies and Cream - Chocolate sponge with an Oreo biscuit placed at the base of the cupcake. Crushed Oreo biscuit and vanilla buttercream with an Oreo biscuit on the top.
Coffee and Walnut - Coffee flavoured sponge with crushed walnuts. Coffee buttercream topped with a half walnut.
Banoffee - This recipe is a fusion of banana split and banoffee pie. A delicious combo of vanilla sponge with chinky chocolate chips and fluffy frosting. The secret lies in the surprise filling of creamy toffee and chopped bananas.
Sticky Toffee - A moist pudding like texture makes this cupcake a great comfort food! A date and walnut sponge cake, with a soft toffee frosting. The secret lies in the surprise filling of soft Toffee.
Black Forest - A chocolate and cherry sponge cake. The cherries are previously soaked in Kirsch Liquer. The frosting is flavoured with the Kisrch syrup, drained from the cherries, topped with a cherry.
Stawberry and Champagne - A vanilla sponge with a strawberry and champagne jam filling, topped with a Champage frosting and half a fresh strawberry. A sophisticated and delectable cupcake, perfect for a garden party with a glass of pink Champagne!
Lemon and Raspberry - A lemon sponge containing whole raspberries, drizzled with a sugar syrup to make it beautifully moist. Topped with a lemon buttercream and topped with a raspberry.
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